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Who we are...


We are from a family that loves tea and we’ve come a long way to the Netherlands to promote Chinese tea culture. The Netherlands was the first country to bring tea to Europe, and now as the new generation of tea lover, we will reopen this journey for Chinese tea culture.


Chun Ming


Born in a family with a history of passion for and research on tea for more than 20 years, , we have, staring from childhood, followed our parents as collectors to visit China's major tea producing areas. After years of accumulation, our family established Wuhan Chun Ming Tea House Co., Ltd. at the end of 2013.With the love for tea and the pursuit of high quality, we have achieved good results for the past five years. Not only did we gain a group of loyal customers, we also prompted many of younger generation to become tea lovers. Chun Ming Tea House occupies an important position in the mind of the tea lovers in the Hua zhong area. As the new generation of the family, we have our own understanding of the tea culture and hope to make our own contribution to the promotion of Chinese tea culture. 


Start our new journey oversea.


It is with such hope and full passion, we have set up Chunming B.V. in Amsterdam to start our Chinese tea journey overseas... 

Quality tea endures the difficulties on the road and we are always on the road in search for the beloved taste….