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Black tea 1939


 As a traditional Congou black tea, the leaves of Black Tea 1939 is fat and tight, leaf-tip is beautiful and complete with golden tippy (golden hairs on the surface of leaves), the tea color is black bloom, the infusion color is deep and bright red, the taste is thick and heavy, the aroma is high and can last long, the infused leaves are soft and tender with even and bright red color. 

Classic 58



In 1958, Fengqin tea factory(re-named as Yunnan Dianhong Group now) used the finest large leaved material in Yunnan Fengqin and a unique method,produced a high quality Congou tea which made the highest international market price at London auction. Classic 58 is to mark this special event, it was produced with 1 leaf and bud material from high elevation organic tea garden produced with the modern technology and traditional method with a dark straight lea and bright yellowish brew. It also have a sweet strong taste and high aroma.

Golden Needle



The Golden Needle is one of the bud-only traditional Dianhong Congou Black Tea. The raw materials are single-bud leaves selected from the high-quality tea tree. It gets its name because of the straight needle-like shape and the golden color of tealeaves. The Golden Needle tea leaves is tightly covered with golden color hair, the buds are thick and tender, the tea infusion is bright with amber-like yellow color, the taste is sweet with fresh aroma, the infused leaves are soft and even, the buds are thick and tender with honey-like aroma which still remains.

Early Spring Green tea



Specially selected 1 leaf and bud green leaf with best quality from the big leaf species tea tree from High elevation organic tea garden in Fengqin Yunnan, produced with the modern technology and traditional method which has been used for over 70 years.The shape of the tea is tide and even with a green and mellow color it can produce a clear, yellow-greenish brew with a fresh and thick taste.

Shen Puer


 The Shen Puer (Raw Puer) is one of the compressed unfermented puer tea, elaborately select the well-known Yunnan Fengqing big-leaf tea as raw material, refined with traditional processing technology and added modern technic. This product is a bowl shape compressed tea, leaves are tight with a uniform shape, tea infusion color is bright and brilliant yellow-greenish, with a refreshing aroma, and the taste is fresh and brisk. 



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